Medium.com is a reading and writing platform, sort of like a hosted blog service with lots of community stuff built in. It tries to encourage slightly longer-form writing and more considered commenting. It’s become popular because it looks good to read and it’s writing interface is pretty friendly.



It’s not clear without some digging what all the JS is for: probably for the writing side of things. If a bunch of that could only be loaded when it’s needed (it’s already loaded async, which is great), that would make the page smaller and faster.

Optimising the images further would also reduce the page weight and therefore the data cost to the user. It might be a good idea to switch from infinite scroll to paging. This would put a cap in the weight of a particular page.

Published on Friday 19th August 2016.

Steve Barnett (@maxbarners) and Justin Slack (@justin_r_slack)

CTFEDs Organising Team