The CTFEDs organising team

Danielle Eriksen

Danielle Eriksen is an artist and graphic designer turned front-end developer, with a long and winding path in-between… Currently growing her skills as a front-ender with the NML team and enjoying every minute of it! Loves learning new things and sharing with others. When not gardening, playing with cats or puzzling out the next problem that needs solving, she dedicates her time and energy to introducing newcomers to Ruby on Rails with the RailsBridge Cape Town group, and helps teach and encourage young girls in Tech as part of Code 4 CT.

Justin Slack

Justin Slack is head of design, user experience, and front-end development at NML. He is fluent in HTML and CSS, and slightly obsessive about typography, web standards, and user experience.

Steve Barnett

Steve Barnett works as Front-end developer and User Experience consultant. He loves the One Web and applying User-Centered Design principles to Front-end Development. He’s a bit addicted to meetups and community things: you can find him helping out with RailsBridge Cape Town, Cape Town Front-End Developers, running a device lab session, or at conference giving a (strongly opinionated) talk or facilitating a workshop. If he’s not there, he’s probably crouched in an awkward position in front of something funny-looking, taking pictures of it.

You can find him on Twitter as @maxbarners, on GitHub as SteveBarnett, and on his own site Naga (which really, really, needs a redesign) as, erm, himself.